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This basic guitar fingerpicking lesson will change your life

This fingerpicking pattern is used by guitarists to 
play thousands of songs. Give it a try! 

                   Fingerpicking Pattern Guitar Tab 
                                              4/4 Time

                            C chord

    t      t        t     t

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                                  Recommended Picking Pattern in ¾ Time:

Stress the first note of each measure 
(the notes shown in BOLD print).

    C   G      C   F      C     Am          Dm7   G
    Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you great me.

    C         G      C         F
    Small and white, clean and bright,

    C        G             C
    You look happy to meet me.

    G           G7           C         C7
    Blossoms of snow may you bloom and grow,

    F         D7      G        G7
    Bloom and grow forever. 

    C   G      C   F      C        G7       C
    Edelweiss, Edelweiss, bless my homeland forever.

 Fingerpicking Pattern Guitar Tab 
3/4 Time

The above fingerpicking pattern is good for most songs in 4/4 time, but what about 3/4 (waltz) time? Christopher Plummer (remember him?) used a basic waltz pattern in "The Sound of Music". It's a classic. Have a look:


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"Homeward Bound" Tutorial: CLICK HERE
Pattern #1
Pattern #2
 - (1*)-------1-----------------1---
    M        i   m  i                    m
​     T     t                  T      t      i
    1     2  +  3  +     1      2     3
Optional note 

You can play waltzes like Christopher Plummer if you like: bass, strum, strum; or bass, pick, pick; but you might also try this: 

Pattern #2 Demo

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This basic guitar fingerpicking lesson will change your life!
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            m        m        

            i             i            

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A Word About the 
Pinky Finger 
In my opinion, it's a good idea to keep your little finger on the guitar sound board to stablilize your hand. A guitar teacher encouraged me to do this when I first started playing, and I am glad he did. Here's Paul Stookey demonstrating.
"Love Me Tender" Tutorial: CLICK HERE
"Love Me Tender" Tutorial: CLICK HERE